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Pure Sense Spa products was one of the most challegening yet rewarding projects I've ever worked on. When I met with the client for the first time, I was told two things: first, I must have a leaf in the logo (still to be designed by me); second, whatever color I select for their sugar scrub, I would have to use a lighter version of that same color for their shea butter body cream as those items would be sold as a set since they complement each other. Furthermore, all scents worked great when mixed with scents from the other lines.

The goal was clear: no matter which 2 of the 6 products you selected, the packaging should look harmonious when placed next to each other. It sounded easy at first but it took me more than few hours to find the perfect shades of orange, green, and lilac to make it work. The end result: a big smile on my client's face and the words "that's a million times better than what I have mind ". It can't be more rewarding than that, can it?