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Andrea vollf

Seasoned Professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

March 1985. I have just turned 11 when my dad gave me my first computer. At that time there was no Windows and everything was done using MS-DOS. It took a good 6 months before the first Windows was released and, with it, my passion for design was born. Over three decades later and many softwares learned, I'm still very passionate about design. Regardless whether it's interiors, graphics, or fashion, a good eye catching design is always welcome in my world.

Experienced using both Microsoft and Apple’s operating systems, since 1995 I have been creating and developing concepts for magazines, newspapers, brochures, websites, multimedia presentations, trade shows, and direct mail for a broad variety of clients including Canon, Nice Pak, Pfizer, Pearson Education, Town & Country Gardens, and many others. Well versed in interior design, event planning, and presentation design using both PowerPoint and Keynote, I have also created over 20 events and vignettes between US and Brazil.

Everyone who has worked with me agrees that I'm extremely organized and detail orientated - yes, I'm a huge fan of check lists as they help me to keep things streamlined. I love being a team player as I do believe in collaborative work and during all those years practicing design, I have been fortunate enough to experience both ad agency and corporate environments. On top of that, I’m highly experienced in managing others, creating budgets, negotiating contracts, and developing strategic planning.

Besides doing graphic design, I have managed two other businesses: an event planning company and an interior design firm which led to my nomination by the Daily Herald as one of the Influential Women in Business in 2012. Last but not least, I do have an active involvement in social media with a very good understanding of available resources – Facebook and Twitter savvy. Overall, I’m a forward thinker.